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Bite-sized productions featuring some of middle-Georgia's biggest actors!

Macon Little Theatre is incredibly excited to announce the brand new production company we are calling MLT RepCo.  This by audition group of actors will present evenings of monologues and feature a rotation of some of middle Georgia's most talented and beloved actors as well as rising stars in the community.  Each production will be a collection of short pieces presented by each member of the company (as well as a few surprise guests), and the pieces will all be presented around a theme or specific theatrical writer.  These pieces will all be shot for the camera, and be presented via ticketed streaming events online.  More information on how to purchase tickets and view productions will be available soon!


Actors: Why is RepCo Perfect for You?

Because productions from the RepCo will be presented entirely via streaming, all rehearsals will be online and performances will be pre-recorded.  This provides the safest possible acting experience as well as flexibility for actors who are working on other projects at MLT (or any other theatre) or cannot accommodate a traditional 7:00-10:00 pm rehearsal schedule.
Because this is shot on a camera, this will also provide a drastically different acting experience closer to work in film or television than traditional stage work.


Actors: What are we looking for?

We are looking for a diverse group of talented actors who are willing to challenge themselves and attempt a wide range of characters and materials. 
Currently, we are only looking for actors over the age of 18. 
Experience acting for the camera is not required for participation in the company. 
Actors should be prepared to work on their own between rehearsals, and have access to a computer to attend rehearsals.


Auditions are OPEN NOW!

To audition, please record yourself performing a monologue, or two contrasting monologues (total audition time should not exceed 3 minutes). Please introduce yourself at the beginning of the video. If you are using a phone to record, please turn the phone to record in landscape orientation. Video links (if hosted on a site like YouTube) or files can be emailed to In the body of the email, include your name and contact information. We will check this email regularly, and you should receive a confirmation email within a day that we have your video audition.  Audition submission is open today, and will remain open until Friday, October 16th at 5:00 pm.


Any Questions about RepCo?

Feel free to contact us with questions about your audition or how productions will work.  Remember to submit your audition videos by emailing


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