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Plan your auditions now for 23/24:

Full calendar of audition dates (subject to adjustment)

Chicago: July 16 & 17 @ 7 pm

Addams Family (Family) ages 7-21: July 22 @ 10 am & 23 @ 7pm

Reefer Madness (After Dark) ages 18+: September 10 & 11 @ 7 pm

Elf: October 7 & 8 @ 7 pm

Annie Jr. (Family) ages 5-21: September 30 @ 10 am & October 1 @ 7 pm

Mousetrap: December 3 & 4 @ 7 pm

Alice in Wonderland (Family) ages 5-21: January 6 @ 10 am & 7 @ 7 pm

Boeing Boeing: February 11 & 12 @ 7 pm

Spring Awakening: (After Dark) ages 16+: March 16  & 17 @ 7 pm

Guys and Dolls Jr. (Family) ages 9-18: April 27 10 a.m.–1 p.m.

Prom: April 27 & 28 @ 7 pm

Musicals: come with a prepared song of between 1-2 minutes (16-32 bars) in length in the style of the show.  Be prepared to read from sides.

Plays: Be prepared to read from sides.

Video submission instructions below.  All video submissions are due by 8:00 pm the first night of auditions (unless otherwise noted).


*Please note that video submissions are intended for actors who are unable to attend in person auditions.  It is still recommended to attend in person if at all possible!*


Digital Submissions are for people UNABLE TO ATTEND auditions in person.  We do recommend attending in person if at all possible!

Can't make it to the auditions in person?  THAT'S OK!  You can always submit an audition online clicking the button below.  Because of larger file size, the easiest way is to include a link to a youtube video or other externally hosted file.  Please include your name and contact information in the email and/or video.

Any questions: email us at

*Please note that all video submissions are due by 8:00pm the first day of auditions.*

Boeing Boeing

Bernard- Male, early to mid 30’s. An American playboy living in Paris, Bernard is happily engaged to three different women, none of whom know about the others.

Robert- Male, mid 30’s and up. An old time friend of Bernard’s from Wisconsin, Robert shows up unexpectedly at Bernard’s Paris home.

Berthe- Female, any age with sarcastic wit. French accent. Bernard’s French housekeeper, Berthe is always exhausted and exasperated.

Gloria- Female, 20’s to 30’s. An American airline stewardess from New York City, Gloria is engaged to Bernard. She isa go-getter, sexy and works for TWA.

Gabriella- Female, 20’s to 30’s. Strong Italian accent. An Italian airline stewardess, Gabriella is also engaged to Bernard. She is passionate and feisty and works for Alitalia.

Gretchen- Female, 20’s to 30’s. Strong German accent. A German airline stewardess, Gretchen is also engaged to Bernard. She is strong and beautiful and works for Lufthansa.

Please be prepared to read from the following sides:

Berthe & Gretchen- middle of pg. 36 to middle of pg 39

Bernard & Robert- pg 51 after Gabriella’s exit to top of pg. 53

Robert, Gloria, & Bernard Pg 76 at Berthe’s exit (bottom of page) to middle of pg 78

Robert & Gabriella bottom of pg. 80 to her exit on pg. 82

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