Anne of Green Gables

presented by Macon Little Theatre

A play adapted by Peter DeLaurier

From the novel by L.M. Montgomery

Copyright 2009: All Rights Reserved

Performed with express consent from Playscripts, Inc.


Origninally presented January 18 - February 11, 2007, by the People's Light & Theatre Company, Malvern, Pennsylvania (Abigail Adams, Artistic Director; Grace E. Grillet, Managing Director)

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Anne of Green Gables

presented by Macon Little Theatre




The homestead of Green Gables, the village of Avonlea and its environs, Prince Edward Island, Canada.


Moody McPherson Act 1 - Truett Puckett

Anne Shirley Act 1 - Annalee Marshall

Matthew Cuthbert - Elliott Wall

Marilla Cuthbert - Taylor Loudermilk

Mrs. Rachel Lynde - Donyale Leslie

Mrs. Spencer/ Miss Stacy - Rachel Tisdel

Mrs. Barry - Sheree’ Keith

Diana Barry Act 1 - Lorelai Wall

Gilbert Blythe Act 1 - Camden Fullington

Jane Andrews Act 1 - Anna Graves

Josie Pye Act 1 - Joscelynn Puckett

Ruby Gillis Act 1 - Martha Rauls

Anne Shirley Act 2 - Emma Lee Johnson

Diana Barry Act 2 - Melody Tyner

Gilbert Blythe Act 2 - Hollis Correa

Ruby Gillis Act 2 - Elinor Fenimore

Josie Pye Act 2 - Harmoni Elliott

Jane Andrews Act 2 - Riley Gallagher

Moody McPherson Act 2 - Ryan Bray


Director - Sylvia Haynie

Scenic & Lighting Design - JP Haynie

Sound Design - Laura Voss

Sound Advisor - Brent Jones

Light Board Operator(s) - Gita Pavuluri, Jonathan Lease

Sound Board Operator - Anna Wangerin

Prop Mistress - Laura Graves

Senior Project Intern - Milind Rugnath

Special Thanks:

Members of the cast and their families for set construction, painting and support.  Stratford Theatre Department for the loan of costume items.  A very special thank you to Laura and Tim Graves for elegant upgrades to actor areas of the theatre! Congratulations to our intern, Mr. Milind Rugnath who will graduate from Stratford Academy on May 21st.


Anne of Green Gables

Meet the cast


Ryan Bray

Ryan Bray (Moody) has contributed to Macon Little Theatre for three shows and he is very excited to work with such an amazing cast. He has been doing theatre for ten years now. He is a sophomore at Stratford academy and he is very happy to be working for Mrs. Haynie. He spends his free time hanging out with friends and working at Yollah. He has enjoyed the experience and thanks Mrs. Haynie for letting him be a part of this amazing cast.


Hollis Correa

Hollis Correa (Gilbert, Act 2) is the 16-year-old son of Alex and Shay Correa, and attends FPD as a rising Junior. He has done one other community show, Matilda, at Theatre Macon in 2018, but this is his debut performance at Macon Little Theatre, and he is happy to join the stage with his new friends under the director of Ms. Sylvia Haynie!


Harmoni Elliott

Harmoni Elliott ( Josie Pye, Act 2 ) has been doing theatre since she was just five years old, She’s so excited to work with this amazing cast full of new and old friends! Her most recent show was Matilda, where she played Michael Wormwood, She’s a rising 9th grader Tattnall Square Academy, She enjoys drawing, singing, swimming, writing, and of course, acting! She agrees with Anne Shirley when she says “Life is worth living as long as there’s a laugh in it.”


Elinor Fenimore

Elinor Fenimore (Ruby Gillis, Act 2) is the 17-year-old daughter of Rob and Monica Fenimore. She is a rising Senior at Stratford Academy, is very active in their theatre department as Drama Club President, and just finished playing Anna in Frozen, Jr. on the Sylvia Haynie Stage! Elinor has been performing in shows at MLT since she was 4 years old. This year you may have seen her in: Clue, Matilda, or Little Shop of Horrors. Although she has not read every book in the Anne of Green Gables series, she is a big fan of the Netflix Series: Anne with an E. Elinor is thrilled to be bringing one of her favorite characters to life alongside some of her best theatre pals!


Camden Fullington

Camden Fullington (Gilbert, Act 1) is a student at Academy for Classical Education. He has been active in the theatre program at ACE and has been in several of the children’s productions at MLT. He has participated in many of the arts classes including dance, voice & chorus. Camden danced the part of Fritz in the 2021 Nutcracker at the Grand Opera House. He is fully encouraged & supported in his love of all the arts by his parents, Brian and Kibbie Fullington and grandparents Greg and Gelle Leonard and James and LaRea Fullington. Playing the part of young Gilbert in Anne of Green Gables is an honor for him.


Riley Gallagher

Riley Gallagher (Jane Andrews, Act 2) is excited to be performing in her first play at MLT. She has performed in several plays with Acting for the Almighty, and is currently enjoying her Drama class (shoutout to the best drama teacher, Mr. Bugg!) at Crawford County High School where she just finished her freshman year. Her family includes her parents Steven and Laurie Gallagher, older brother Aidan, younger brother Will, grandmother Melody Stewart, and lots of Aunts, Uncles and cousins. For the last several years, she has enjoyed reading the Anne of Green Gables books and watching all the different movies/tv series about Anne and is excited to be able to bring one of the characters to life.


Anna Graves

Anna Graves (Jane Andrews, Act 1) has performed on stage in many productions both at MLT and at her school (ACE) over the years. Her most recent show at Macon Little Theatre was Matilda the Musical. Her family includes her mom and dad (Tim and Laura Graves), her brother (Andy), her sister (Kate), twin nephews (Huck and Fran), and her two cats (Snowflake and Holly). Anna wasn’t really familiar with Anne of Green Gables until quarantine when she and her parents read the books together. She is really excited to be a part of a production of this amazing story, and would like to thank Ms. Haynie for allowing her to be a member of this incredible cast.


Emma Lee Johnson

Emma Lee Johnson (Anne Shirley, Act 2) has enjoyed performing in this classical story about spunky Anne Shirley. She has been acting with her school for many years in One Act and Literary competitions. This is her first time performing with Macon Little Theatre and in community theatre ever. Her family includes her mom and dad and her three loving siblings. They have been very supportive of her passion for acting and enjoy helping her practice. Emma Lee grew up with no choice but to love the story of Anne Of Green Gables because of her mom’s love for the books. She has learned so much, met new friends, and gained a new perspective and respect for the story because of this production.


Sheree’ Keith

Sheree’ Keith (Mrs. Barry) is excited to be in her first show at MLT and has enjoyed the experience very much, especially getting to work with her husband Elliott (Matthew Cuthbert) and daughter Lorelai (Diana Barry, Act I). In her life off-stage she is a communication professor at Middle Georgia State University, an avid reader and a regular attendee of local live theater. The story of Anne is timeless in many ways and she hopes you enjoy the production!


Donyale Leslie

Donyale Leslie (Mrs. Rachel Lynde) last appeared as the Cook in MLT’s production of “Clue.” She is incredibly thankful for the opportunity to join this amazing cast and crew in bringing this classic to life. Knowing how special and life-giving kindred spirits are, Donyale dedicates this show to the friends who would help her move a body. (They know who they are.) And lastly, to Etta, Brooklyn, Baleigh, Lucy, Finley Ann, Millie, Katie, Henley, and Daisy: may your sass, imagination, and excitement for life buoy you as fervently as it did Anne.


Taylor Loudermilk

Taylor Loudermilk (Marilla Cuthbert) is excited to be in her third show of the current MLT season. Previous roles include Bernstein in Little Shop of Horrors and Margaret in 9 to 5 The Musical and upcoming roles include Protagonist in MLT’s Royal Endeavor. She is a full-time worker here in Macon and is excited to get to spend her spare time on the MLT stage. Taylor would like to thank all the cast and crew members involved in the show, her director, her family, and her friends for all their support and hard work. She hopes she’ll get the opportunity to work with them again soon. Good show everyone!


Annalee Marshall

Annalee Marshall (Anne Shirley, Act 1) is the 11-year-old daughter of Ron & Ally and the big sister to Adeline & Amerson.  She attends FPD where she is in 6th grade.  Annalee has participated in several camps and shows at MLT as well as at FPD, but this is her first time in a “big” show & role!  Anne is a dream role for Annalee – her mom loved it so much that she was nearly named “Avonlea,” and the love of Anne of Green Gables has been passed on to her.  Annalee wants to thank Ms. Haynie for casting her when she was only 7 years old in “The Littlest Angel.”  That play sparked her love for theatre and acting and allowed her to reach the role of Anne Shirley today.


Joscelynn Puckett

Joscelynn Puckett (Josie Pye, Act 1) is 14 years old and very excited for her first play at Macon Little Theatre! She homeschools and is in 9th grade. She enjoys reading, school, doing crafts, and baking. She has been a fan of Anne of Green Gables for many years and feels a strong connection with imaginative Anne. She hopes you enjoy the show as much as she has enjoyed the Anne books for many years!


Truett Puckett

Truett Puckett (Moody McPherson Act 1) is 13 years old and is excited to be a part of this production at MLT.  This is his first play experience, and he has enjoyed learning about the process of play production from building the set to the acting.  He is homeschooled and is in the 7th grade.  He enjoys building and creating things, programming, and most outdoor activities including fishing and exploring through the woods.  He is appreciative for the audience’s presence and will be doing his best to make it a play to remember!


Martha Rauls

Martha Rauls (Ruby Gillis, Act 1) is a 7th grade student at Stratford Academy. She has been doing theatre for 7 years. Her most recent production at Macon Little theatre was Matilda the Musical in which she played Matilda! Martha enjoys acting, singing, playing tennis, and playing with her dogs, Daisy and Brooke. She is very excited that she is a part of this show!

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Rachel Tisdel

Rachel Tisdel (Mrs. Spencer/ Miss Stacey)  is new to the MLT  stage and is excited to be working with this talented cast.  She has grown up on the stage and considers any community theatre as home. She is the daughter of retired Major Frank T. of the United States Air Force and Rebecca T.  She has grown up in the world of Anne of Green Gables. From her mother reading her the books as a child to religiously watching the movies. She hopes that you all fall in love with the spirited red head just as she did!


Melody Tyner

Melody Tyner (Diana Barry, Act 2) is a junior in highschool at the Academy for Classical Education. She's in the band, chorus, and is drum major in the marching band. Melody has been doing theatre ever since she was a little girl. She has been in many shows at Macon Little Theatre, including Matilda the Musical, Wizard of Oz, and Shrek the Musical. In addition, she has helped backstage in shows like Little Shop of Horrors. Melody is so thankful to have the opportunity to play Diana Barry and hopes to continue doing theatre!


Lorelai Wall

Lorelai Wall (Diana Barry, Act 1) is thrilled to be back on stage at MLT. A veteran performer in many Academy of the Performing Arts shows through these last five years and is very excited about being on the main stage with her parents Elliott (Matthew Cuthbert) and Sheree’ (Mrs. Barry). When she is not participating in theater she enjoys reading, taking care of her pets, and chatting with her friends. She is delighted to bring young Diana to the stage in this fun and creative performance of Anne of Green Gables.


Elliott Wall

Elliott Wall (Matthew Cuthbert) is a Music Therapist practicing at Atrium Navicent.  Elliott has been involved in Theater / Opera at every level for the past 30+ years, but this show “marks an epoch” in his time in the theater.  “I have many times thanked my wife Sheree (Mrs. Barry) and my daughter Lorelai (Diana Barry Act 1) for allowing me to continue my love of the theater.  This will be the first time I have ever shared the stage with them.”


Sylvia Haynie

Sylvia Haynie (guest director)  has contributed to theatre for MLT for many years and is excited to be working with this talented cast.  She has directed, choreographed and music directed in the middle Georgia area since graduating from Wesleyan College in 1980.  Her family includes spouse Laura Voss, son JP, daughter-in-law, Ashlee, their beautiful daughter, Lumi, and son F Michael.  Ms. Haynie is also daughter to a proud MLT patron of many years – and a director herself, Martha Shirah.  Prior to starting work on this production, Ms. Haynie didn’t know much about the world of “Anne” but is now a total fan of this amazing character and all she brings to those who read, watch and cheer on her adventures.  There is “more scope for imagination” when Anne comes to life on stage.

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Laura Voss

Laura Voss (Sound designer/composer) is the band director at Stratford Academy and is a percussionist and composer/arranger ofworks for band and percussion ensemble.  She has served as the music director for more than 50 MLT productions during the past nineteen years and has written original music for five productions including this production of Anne of Green Gables.   Her family includes spouse Sylvia Haynie, son JP, daughter-in-law, Ashlee, their beautiful daughter, Lumi, and son F Michael. Ms. Voss is also daughter to a proud MLT patron and actor of many years, Roxie Ann Voss and the late Gene Voss.

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JP Haynie (Artistic Director MLT)

After more than 550 days between closing night of Steel Magnolias in February of 2020 and opening night of Songs for a New World on August 20th 2021, it gives me great joy to bring live theatre back to our stage.  This time has been an incredible challenge for the arts community, and we could not do it without your support and patronage.  We at MLT are incredibly proud of the effort and talent that goes into our productions, and this marks a brand new start for our theatre.  If you enjoy the show, please consider returning for future productions, supporting the theatre as a donor, or even becoming a season subscriber to receive additional benefits.


Playbill PDF

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