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Show Match - Mix Match

presented by
Macon Little Theatre

There is absolutely no photography, video, or audio recording allowed during the production.

All songs presented with special arrangements under ASCAP.

Weekender Nov5 2.jpg

Show Match - Mix Match

presented by Macon Little Theatre

Musicians:  Rob Fenimore, Laura Voss, Sylvia Haynie
Stage Manager: Gracie Childers
Sound: Tim Hinojosa
Light Board Operator: Alicia Brown
Follow Spot Operator:  Kanon Hinson
House Manager: Elliott James
Lead Usher: Sheree Keith
Box Office Staff:  Kaley Jordan


Show Match - Mix Match

Meet the cast


Adam Carr

Adam Carr is excited to be your host tonight. He was last seen at MLT as Kyle (The UPS Guy) alongside his wife Katy (Paulette). Adam, Katy, and their 4-year old daughter are thrilled to be back in Macon after spending time in NYC, Baltimore, and Houston. He is currently the theatre director at Stratford Academy and is excited to lead the amazing program built by Sylvia Haynie.  Macon continues to be home to so many talented actors! Enjoy the show!


Katy Carr

Katy Thompson Carr has been back in Macon after a 12-year absence and is so thrilled to be singing again at MLT! She serves as Operations Director for United in Pink and shares the stage tonight with her husband, Adam. Her 5-year old daughter Caroline will be making her stage debut in Angels ‘r’ Us in December and Katy is ready to try out her new role of stage mom. Favorite roles include Velma Kelly in Chicago (MLT), Cathy in Last 5 Years (TM), Alice in Titanic (TM) and Adelaide in Guys and Dolls (MLT)- all gals unlucky in love and typical casting for Katy.  Katy’s performing career has taken many twists and turns ever since her very first speaking role (which was 2 words) as a senior in high school at MLT’s production of South Pacific. Twenty years later at another production of South Pacific, she met her soon-to-be-husband at auditions. While unlucky in love on stage, the theatre created a perfect love story for her and Adam which she will always be grateful for. Katy would like to thank Sylvia and Laura for overlooking her extreme stage fright and neurosis over her decade-long absence from theatre and allowing her to jump back into the fold with open arms. She’s also thrilled to share the stage yet again with Tony Kemp who has been her stage husband more times than she can count. Finally many thanks to Adam and Caroline for the real-life love they give her every day.  Enjoy the show!


Holly Goodman

Holly Goodman is a nurse practitioner specialized in the field of cardiology. When not working out or playing with the coolest nephews and nieces in the world, Holly loves to perform on stage! Holly has been performing since she was 7, some of her favorite roles include Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, Esmeralda in Hunchback of Notre Dame, Cosette in Les Miserables, Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins, and Laurey in Oklahoma. Holly has been in love with theatre since before she can remember, first appearing onstage before she was even born! She can be found singing…constantly…if not onstage, she performs in her car, while doing the dishes, or between seeing patients at work. Holly is so thrilled to be appearing again with her theatre family on MLT’s stage. Holly is grateful she got to be part of this amazing group! She would like to thank her family, and Sylvia and Laura for all their support and encouragement!!!


Cassidy Hall

Cassidy Hall is 20 years old, and has been performing on the MLT stage since she was just 5! She was most recently seen as Chris in Carrie, The Musical, and is currently rehearsing as a Silly Girl in the upcoming production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Last season, she was seen as Vivienne in Legally Blonde, Violet in 9 to 5, and was in the ensembles of Little Shop of Horrors and Songs for a New World. She is honored to be in this production, and hopes you enjoy!


Ashlee Haynie

Ashlee Haynie first started performing on the MLT stage in 2007, as a Silly Girl in Beauty and the Beast. More recently, she was seen in Songs for a New World, Clue (Unexpected Cop), Legally Blonde (Elle’s mom), and Carrie the Musical (Ms. Gardner). She and JP have been married for almost 12 years and have their hands full with their 10-month-old daughter, Luminara. All the love to the Jordan/Gilmer/Haynie fam.


Tony Kemp

Tony saw his first stage production when he was in elementary school, thanks to his grandmother and a possibly inappropriate-for-his-age touring production of Gigi in Savannah, Georgia.  Although it would be several years later before he would have an opportunity to actually be involved with a play, he credits his “Granny Jet” with his initial exposure to theatre and the arts (even if he didn’t originally understand anything about the courtesan-filled Lerner and Lowe classic)!  Tony has since been been involved onstage and backstage in over 50 productions in Georgia, South Carolina, and Ohio and hopes there will be many more to come.  He remains in awe of the talented friends he gets to work with and thanks Kandy, Sydnie, and Sutton for allowing him continued play time.  Tony sincerely appreciates Middle Georgia audiences for continued support of live theatre!


Chas Pridgen

Chas Pridgen hails from Pridgen, Georgia, though he’s now living in Macon. He graduated from Mercer University with a degree in theatre and journalism, and now works at the Grand Opera House downtown. Chas has died onstage over 30 times. His favorite death was the time he got his arms ripped off by demons who then used them as bludgeoning weapons. Don’t worry, it was comical. Enjoy the show!


Grady Taylor

Grady Taylor III is a freshman at the University of Georgia. He is pursuing a degree in data science with a minor in Music. Grady began performing in middle school. He auditioned for Lion King Jr. and has not looked back since. Some of Grady’s most memorable roles would have to be Eddie in Sister Act and Warner in Legally Blonde. Grady is excited to be back with MLT. Even though he lives two hours away, he’s still not afraid to call this stage home. Grady would like to thank his family, and Sylvia for the opportunity to perform here once again.


Tyler Vaughn

Tyler Vaughan is 26 years old and is a 4th year medical student at Mercer University. His first show at MLT began last season with Legally Blonde where he took on a variety of roles. This season, he has been seen in Carrie, The Musical as Billy and will be in the upcoming show of Disney's Beauty and the Beast as LeFou. Though his time with MLT has been short, he has enjoyed every moment of it and he hopes you enjoy the performance!


Abby Wolf

Abby Wolf is from Milledgeville, GA and graduated from the University of Georgia in 2019. She currently works as a medical scribe at Emory in Atlanta in preparation for medical school which she will be attending in the Fall of 2023. Some of her favorite theater roles include Amber Von Tussle (Hairspray), Miss Scarlet (Clue), Mrs. Wormwood (Matilda), and Brooke Wyndham (Legally Blonde). After warming the bench for far too long on her high school soccer team, Abby decided to try out for her first musical, All Shook Up, and was cast in the role of Miss Sandra. She has loved theater ever since and is excited to continue pursuing this passion of hers for the rest of her life! She would like to give a special shout out to her two furry kitties, Stormy and Wolf “Wolfie” Wolf.

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JP Haynie (Artistic Director MLT)

This is JP’s second full season as Artistic Director here at MLT.  JP graduated from Stratford Academy and Mercer (here in Macon) and has a master’s degree from UCF.  Select credits include Film/tv: Men in Black III, The Good Wife, Boardwalk Empire, New York: Cat Gets Credit Card, Kriep, Regional: Thin Air Theatre Company, Canterbury Theatre, American Family Theatre, Seaside Music Theatre.  After 10 years of working in New York as an actor, JP returned to Macon in 2019 to start a family with his wife Ashlee.  They welcomed their daughter Lumi in January of 2022 and cannot wait to get her on the same stage where her dad grew up.


Playbill PDF

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