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Legally Blonde: the Musical

presented by
Macon Little Theatre

Music and Lyrics by - Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin

Book by - Heather Hach

Based on the novel by Amanda Brown

and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture

Original Production by Hal Luftig, Fox Theatricals, Dori Berinstein, James L. Nederlander, Independant Presenters Network, Roy Furman, Amanda Lipitz, Broadway Asia, Barbara Whitman, FWPM Group, Hendel/Wiesenfeld, Goldberg/Binder, Stern/Meyer, Lane/Comley, Barter-Jenkins/Nocciolino and Warren Trepp; Produced in association with MGM Onstage, Darcie Denkert and Dean Stolber.

Legally Blonde: the Musical is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI)

All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

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Legally Blonde
the Musical

presented by Macon Little Theatre


Elle Woods …  Holly Goodman

Sales Girl … Jennifer Martin

Sales Manager/Prison Guard … Stephanie Gore

Warner Huntingdon … Grady Taylor

Elle’s Father/ Aaron Schultz/Carlos … Tyler Vaughan

Elle’s Mother … Ashlee Haynie

Grandmaster Chad … Shamika Morris-McLeish

Professor Winthrop/Kyle B. O’Boyle … Adam Carr

Professor Lowell … Jay Kramer

Jet Blue Captain … Maryam Sedghi

Emmett Forrest … Tony Kemp

Sundeep Padamadan … Armin Sedghi

Enid Hoopes … Gabrielle Sowell

Vivienne Kensington … Cassidy Hall

Whitney … Annabelle Branch

Paulette Buonofuonte … Katy Thompson Carr

Professor Callahan … Matt Astin

Dewey/ Nikos … Chas Pridgen

Brooke Wyndham … Abby Wolf

Judge … India Hawkins

Chutney Wyndham … Morgan Irby

Court Stenographer … Melody Tyner

D.A. Joyce Riley … Taylor Loudermilk

Assistant D.A. … Sukun Zhang

Reporter … Riley Gallagher

Bruiser Woods … Chloe Ford

Rufus Buonofuonte … Max Jaenz

Delta Nu Greek Chorus

Margot … Elinor Fenimore

Serena … Kama Harpe

Pilar  … Reagan Simmons

Sabrina … Kathence Smith

Michelle … Nathalie Walker

Kate … Sarah Pyles

Frat Boys

Christopher Steward, Armin Sedghi, Alan Jaenz, Tyler Vaughan

Legally Blonde Ensemble

Kaleigh Borck, Annabelle Branch, Riley Gallagher, Stephanie Gore, Anna Graves, Kama Harpe,  India Hawkins, Sydney Hice, Morgan Irby, Rebecca Layfield, Jennifer Martin,  Shamika Morris-McLeish, Taylor Loudermilk, Melody Tyner, Maryam Sedghi

Production Crew

Director:  Sylvia Haynie

Music Director:  Laura Voss

Choreographer:  Jenny Carroll Morris

Light & Scenic Design:  JP Haynie

Sound Design:  JP Haynie

Stage Manager:  Jay Kramer

Backstage Floor Supervisor:  Anna Wangerin

Light Board Operators:  Gita Pavuluri, Carley Nelson

Follow Spots: LeVaughn Scott, Rahul Pavuluri

Elle’s Dresser:  Gracie Childers

Props: Tony Kemp, Laura Graves, Cast Members

Costumes:  Jenny Morris, GMC Prep

Production Intern:  Trevor


Piano ... Sylvia Haynie

Keyboard ... Monica Fenimore

Bass ... Rob Fenimore

Percussion ... Laura Voss

Special Thanks:  Shelley Kuhen, Mercer University Theatre Department, Stratford Academy


Act I

“Omigod You Guys” – Elle, Delta Nu Girls and Company

“Serious” – Elle and Warner

“What You Want” – Elle, Serena, Margot, Pilar, Kate, Elle’s Parents, Grandmaster Chad and Company

“The Harvard Variations” – Emmett, Aaron, Enid, Padamadan and Harvard Students

“Blood in the Water” – Callahan and Company

“Positive” – Elle, Delta Nu Girls and Company

“Ireland” – Paulette

“Ireland (Reprise)” – Paulette

“Serious (Reprise)” – Elle and Warner

“Chip on My Shoulder” – Elle, Emmett, Delta Nu Girls and Company

“Run Rufus Run/Elle Reflects” – Elle and Emmett

“So Much Better” – Elle and Company

Act II

“Whipped into Shape” – Brooke, Callahan and Company

“Take It Like a Man” – Elle, Emmett and Salespeople

“Bend and Snap” – Elle, Paulette, Delta Nu Girls and Company

“There! Right There!” – Company

“Legally Blonde” – Elle and Emmett

“Legally Blonde Remix” – Vivienne, Elle, Enid, Brooke, Elle’s Parents and Company

“Scene of the Crime/Omigod You Guys (Reprise)” – Elle, Judge, Delta Nu Girls and Company

“Find My Way/Finale” – Elle, Paulette, Emmett and Company

Scenes and Settings

Act 1

Scene 1: UCLA Delta Nu Sorority House/Mall/Elle's Door

Scene 2: Restaurant

Scene 3: Delta Nu Sorority House/Golf Course/Harvard Law School Admissions Office

Scene 4: Harvard Yard

Scene 5: Callahan's Classroom

Scene 6: Harvard Yard

Scene 7: The Hair Affair

Scene 8: Harvard Party

Scene 9: Harvard Yard, Elle's Room/Callahan's Classroom

Scene 10: Dewey's Trailer

Scene 11: Harvard Hallway

Act 2

Scene 1: Conference Room of Hearne, Fox, Zyskowski & Callahan/Women's Prison

Scene 2: Hansen-Harkness Department Store

Scene 3: The Hair Affair

Scene 4: Courtroom

Scene 5: Empty Courtroom

Scene 6: The Hair Affair

Scene 7: Courtroom/Bathroom of the Wyndham Mansion

Scene 8: Harvard Law Graduation


Legally Blonde

Meet the cast


Matt Astin

Matt Astin (PROFESSOR CALLAHAN) has been appearing on the stages of middle Georgia for over 25 years. Matt is a board certified physician in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine, working at Atrium Health Navicent. He also serves as the Medical Director of the Macon Volunteer Clinic and as team physician for Mercer Athletics and the Macon Mayhem. Matt was last seen on the MLT stage as Miss Trunchbull in Matilda. Other memorable MLT roles include Shrek, Tateh in Ragtime, and Frollo in Hunchback of Notre Dame. He would like to thank Sylvia and Laura for another chance to be the bad guy.


Kaleigh Borck

Kaleigh Borck (ENSEMBLE) is the 17 year old daughter of Kevin and Christal Borck and attends The Academy for Classical Education. Kaleigh loves theatre and is excited to be a part of Legally Blonde! She was most recently seen as the Evil Queen in MLT’s Descendants, and Gabriella Montez in her school’s production of High School Musical. Kaleigh spends a lot of her time painting, singing, playing guitar, and taking walks around her neighborhood. She hopes that audience members further support the theater so that the performers of Macon can continue to create!


Annabelle Branch

Annabelle Branch (WHITNEY/ENSEMBLE) is excited to be a part of one of her long-time favorite musicals! This is her second show at MLT. She previously appeared in the ensemble of Little Shop of Horrors. Most of Annabelle’s stage experience comes from her 15+ years of performance and competition dance. Annabelle went to Mercer and is now working as an accountant at Howard, Moore, and McDuffie. She wants to thank her family and friends for coming to support her! (A special shout out to Cameron who has been singing these songs with her since high school!)


Adam Carr

Adam Carr (PROFESSOR WINTHROP, KYLE) is very excited to be sharing the stage with such a talented Cast and Crew.  This will be the second time he has been in a show with his wife Katy (Paulette) by his side. They first played opposite each other when they met in Theatre Macon’s South Pacific over 15 years ago! Adam, Katy, and their 4-year old daughter are thrilled to return to Macon after spending time in NYC, Baltimore, and Houston. He has recently been named the theatre director at Stratford Academy and is excited to take over the amazing program built by Sylvia Haynie. It has also been great to share the stage with some of his future students. Macon continues to be home to so many talented young actors! Enjoy the show!


Katy Thompson Carr

Katy Thompson Carr (PAULETTE BUONOFUONTE) is thrilled to be returning to the stage as everybody’s favorite hairdresser!  Favorite roles include Velma Kelly (Chicago), Adelaide (Guys & Dolls), Cathy (Last 5 Years), Nancy (Oliver!), and Little Sally (Urinetown) but she is most proud to hold the titles of wife to Adam and mom to Caroline. She is especially tickled pink to be sharing the stage with her husband- a first since 2006! The Carr family has jumped back into Macon life after 12 years away, with Katy serving as Operations Director at United in Pink. She thanks Sylvia, Laura, and Jenny for their trust in her, and all many the babysitters helping with CC so both Mom and Dad can be in a show this summer.


Gracie Childers

Gracie is happy to be back at MLT after spending some time abroad! After appearing on stage in 9 to 5 (Judy) and Songs for a New World (The Flagmaker), she is glad to have a chance to work backstage for Legally Blonde. Big thanks to Sylvia Haynie, Laura Voss, and the entire cast and crew of Legally Blonde for letting her join last minute.


Elinor Fenimore

Elinor Fenimore (MARGOT) is the 17 year old daughter of Rob and Monica and younger sister to Gabby and Noah. You may have seen her onstage before, as this is her 6th MLT show of the season. You’ll see her tonight as Margot and Prison Inmate, but you have most recently seen her as Mal in Disney’s Descendants. She is a rising senior at Stratford Academy and is active in the Theatre Department as Drama Club President. Elinor has been a fan of Legally Blonde since her Mom first introduced her to the MTV Proshot, and the reality series Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods, when she was a little girl. Elinor wants to give a shoutout to Ms. Haynie, Ms. Voss and the entire Cast and Crew for the incredible work they have put into this production and gives a special thanks to Jenny for giving her the opportunity to dance onstage again!


Riley Gallagher

Riley Gallagher (ENSEMBLE) is very excited to be a part of her first Musical at MLT where she will be seen in the roles of a Delta Nu, waitress, prison inmate, lawyer, and TV Reporter. She attends Crawford County High School where she is a rising sophomore. Her parents are Laurie and Steven Gallagher, she has two brothers  Aidan and Will Gallagher. She is fairly new to MLT but has been previously seen on stage as Jane Andrews in Anne of Green Gables, but she has done multiple performances in Byron for Acting for the Almighty. She is so excited to share her passions of singing and acting with the audience and hopes you enjoy the show!


Holly Goodman

Holly Goodman (ELLE WOODS) is a nurse practitioner specialized in the field of cardiology. When not working out or playing with the coolest nephews and nieces in the world, Holly loves to perform on stage! Holly has been performing since she was 7, and some of her favorite roles include Esmeralda in Hunchback of Notre Dame, Cosette in Les Miserables, Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins, and Laurey in Oklahoma. Holly is so thrilled to be appearing again with her theatre family on MLT’s stage. Holly is grateful she got to be part of this amazing cast and crew, snaps everyone!!! She would like to thank her family, and Sylvia and Laura for their encouragement and support, and Jenny for all your time and incredible patience. You’re all awesome and I love you!


Stephanie Gore

Stephanie Gore (SALES MANAGER, PRISON GUARD, ENSEMBLE) is thrilled to be in her first musical at MLT! Born and raised a competitive dancer in South Florida, she found her way to UGA where she continued her dance education both at school and as a dancer in Project 7 Contemporary Dance Company. During the school year, Stephanie is a science teacher at Stratford Academy. When she's not teaching or dancing, she enjoys taking photos and hanging out with her husband, son, and two dogs. Thanks for an incredible summer, MLT!

Anna G.jpg

Anna Graves

Anna Graves (ENSEMBLE) is excited to be joining the cast of Legally Blonde, a show she has wanted to participate in for years. You’ll see her as a sorority girl, a student at Harvard law, and a department store employee. Anna is a rising sophomore at ACE, where she participates in chorus and drama. In addition to theatre, some of her hobbies include reading, drawing, and listening to music. Her family includes her parents, Laura and Tim Graves, her siblings Andy and Kate, and her two cats, Holly and Snowflake. She hopes that everyone in the audience enjoys the show and leaves the theatre feeling inspired. Special shout out to her best friends, Hannah and Mackenzie, who have been like sisters to her for two years, and her parents, who support her in her love of theatre and take her to and from rehearsal every day.


Cassidy Hall

Cassidy Hall (VIVIENE KENSINGTON) is 20 years old and the daughter of Thurman and Holly Hall. This is her 4th show this season here at MLT, as she was also seen in 9 to 5 (Violet), Little Shop of Horrors, and Songs for a New World. Some of her other credits include The Witch in Into the Woods, and Winnifred in Once Upon a Mattress. She is so excited to finally be in a production of this show, and that she is doing it with some of her best friends. She wants to thank Mrs. Haynie, Mrs. Voss, JP, and Nestor for making the 21/22 season at MLT so wonderful!


Kama Harpe

Kama Harpe (DELTA NU, SERENA) is a high school math teacher and an entertainment performer with Southern Belle Princess Parties. Her background includes a BS in electrical engineering, college swim team, and gymnastics coach. She will be acting as Serena in the Delta Nu Greek Chorus and is excited for her first show with Macon Little Theatre.


India Hawkins

India Hawkins (JUDGE/ENSEMBLE) is a graduate of Armstrong State University with a BA in performance Theatre.  She is excited for her second show at MLT and looks forward to participating in many more productions. Tonight she is portraying a Judge who moonlights as a sorority sister, law student, and prisoner.


Ashlee Haynie

Ashlee Haynie is thrilled to have even the tiniest role in one of her favorite Broadway musicals of all time. She started acting in shows at MLT in 2008, when she played a Silly Girl in Beauty and the Beast, and it's where she first met her husband JP, although that was after she met and got to know her mothers-in-law, Sylvia and Laura. After living in New York for almost a decade, she's back and balancing a slow return to the stage with her new role as mom to Luminara (who just turned 6 months old!). Most recently, she played the cop in Clue. Much love to all of her Gilmer/Jordan family and a special shout out to Kaitlin for all the times they've sung through the entire Legally Blonde album and giggled every time at the line, "Hand me my dog / Hand me my bag / And the American Flag."


Sylvia Haynie

Sylvia Haynie (DIRECTOR) counts herself so lucky to be working again with fellow directors Laura Voss and Jenny Morris this summer.  Haynie loves that the three of them have such a long track record of great musicals and can’t wait for audiences to see the finished product.  Sylvia also loves that her whole family has theatre at its heart – including new granddaughter, Lumi Haynie who made her first MLT appearance helping give the curtain speech for the summer KIDS CAMP production of Disney’s Descendants.  Sylvia and wife Laura have recently retired from their full-time faculty positions to tackle a little more relaxation and a lot more theatre!


Sydney Hice

Sydney Hice: (SORORITY SISTER, ENSEMBLE) is SO excited to be a part of one of her favorite shows. You’ll see her as a Delta New, Salon Client, and Prison Inmate. Sydney is a rising Junior at First Presbyterian Day School where last she played the role of Mrs. Gloop in Willy Wonka. Sydney enjoys spending time with her friends and family and spreading her love for theatre. Sydney’s family includes her Mother and Father, Darylyn and Kirk Hice, and her younger sister Suttan Hice. Sydney hopes everyone watching this show notices how much fun it is to be on stage and performing for people. Shout out to her biggest supporters, and grandparents, who never fail to miss a performance Judy and Gary Poole.


Alan Jaenz

Alan Jaenz (MALE ENSEMBLE) is happy to be returning for his 3rd time on MLT's stage. Tonight he'll be moving furniture, helping with Max (Rufus), and chilling in the background of courtrooms, among other things. He is a Rising Senior at Houston County High School, and a proud member of Troupe 4974. He loves reading, playing, and drinking ridiculous amounts of water. His family includes his parents Nestor, the musical director for a few past and future shows here at MLT, and Holly, who participated recently in the Royal Endeavor, his brother Evan, who was last seen as Jay in MLT's Descendants Jr, and his sisters Lillian, who was in the ensemble for descendants, and Linda who can't wait to be old enough to audition for shows here. He lives with 3 dogs, including Max, and his cat. He hopes you enjoy the show.


Tony Kemp

Tony Kemp (EMMETT FORREST) is honored to be back on MLT's stage with a fantastic cast, production staff, and musicians.  He has been fortunate to have also worked with Theatre Macon and other theatres in South Carolina and Ohio.  Besides this incredible one, his favorite musical roles have included “Cornelius Hackl” in Hello, Dolly!, “Lord Farquaad” in Shrek, “Rooster” in Annie, and “Cogswoth” in Beauty and the Beast.  Tony loves spending time with family, friends, more theatre…and Mickey Mouse!  “Thanks to our audiences for supporting the dynamic, local theatre scene and much love to Kandy, Sydnie, and Sutton for continuing to share me with my theatre family!”


Jay Kramer

Jay Kramer (STAGE MANAGER) is honored to be working behind the scenes for another MLT production.  Being stage manager provides a different perspective of a play because you witness all the individual backstage pieces magically transformed into high entertainment when the curtain opens.  The best part of being stage manager is you get to see the energy, talent, and commitment of the performers and production personnel during several weeks of rehearsal.  Their supreme interest is to draw you in so you also become part of the world of “Woods, Elle: Legally Blonde.”


Morgan Irby

Morgan Irby (CHUTNEY WINDHAM) is a recent graduate from Howard High School, and is planning to attend Columbus State University in the fall, pursuing a B.S.Ed in Theatre Education. She plans to continue her theatrical pursuits, and move on to become a director. She would like to thank Sylvia and JP Haynie, as well as Richard Frazier for the opportunity to learn underneath their wings, and inspiring her on her journey. Legally Blonde is one of her dream shows and she is so excited to be a part of this cast, and to bring to you one of her favorite  roles she has ever played. #ChutneyTime.


Rebecca Layfield

Rebecca Layfield (LEILANI, PRISON INMATE, LAKER GIRL) is thrilled to be in this production of Legally Blonde! This is her fourth show of the season. Other shows include: Songs for A New World, 9 to 5, and Little Shop of Horrors. Rebecca has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this show, as the cast and crew is so talented, and the music and choreography is incredible! A special thanks to Sylvia, Laura, and Jenny for this opportunity, as well as all of her wonderful friends and family for their support!


Taylor Loudermilk

Taylor Loudermilk (D.A. JOYCE RILEY/ENSEMBLE)  is excited for her fourth and final show of the MLT 21-22 Season.  Previous roles this season include Margaret in 9 to 5, Bernstein in Little Shop of Horrors, and Marilla in Anne of Green Gables. She is a graduate of Creekview High School in Carrollton, TX and a current employee of Giga Inc. in Macon.  Taylor has been acting since the 4th grade and loves getting to express herself on stage through song and dance here at MLT.  Her family includes parents Melanie Luce, Kelly Loudermilk, and Shane Loudermilk and her six beautiful sisters.  Taylor wants to thank the directors and cast of this massive project for all of their hard work and dedication, her boyfriend for all of his support throughout the process, and wants to say a special thanks to all the wonderful people she's befriended at MLT this season. "Because of you I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more."


Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin (COURTNEY, ENSEMBLE) is excited to be back on stage again to close out this season! She was seen previously in 9 To 5 the Musical as Missy/Candy Striper and she was also in the Royal Endeavor Cabaret at MLT. She has also run the lights for almost all the other shows this season. Legally Blonde has been a favorite musical of Jennifer’s since it came out and has been a dream since her Freshman year of high school. She would love to thank Sylvia, Laura, and Jenny for casting her and making her teenage dream come true!


Shamika Morris-McLeish

Shamika Morris-McLeish (GRAND MASTER CHAD) is super excited to be in her first show at MLT. You’ll see her tonight as a dancer, singer and furniture carrier. She is a graduate of Veterans High School and currently works at GEICO. She loves making people laugh and hopes all people watching the show can feel as if they are right here with us at Harvard University. Keep smiling cuz you’re JAMAICAN ME CRAZY :).


Jenny Morris

Jenny Morris ( CHOREOGRAPHER) is excited to be back at MLT working with the dream team, Laura and Sylvia. Morris has choreographed and performed at MLT since 2005. Some of her favorite MLT shows include Chicago, Swing, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Legally Blonde (2012) and Honky Tonk Angels. Morris teaches middle school and high school musical theatre at Georgia Military College Preparatory School and is the director of Georgia Thespians All-State Theatre. She lives in Monticello with her handsome husband Brandon, and her amazing daughter Mackenzie. She also has two incredible adult step-daughters, Madison and Morgan. This cast is amazing! Get ready to be blown away!


Carley Nelson

Carley Nelson (LIGHT BOARD OPERATOR) is excited to become more involved with the community theatre. Carley will be working with the light board throughout the entire show. Carley is currently a rising senior at Stratford Academy. While Carley does not act on stage, she  enjoys theatre and helping out behind the scenes. This is her third show working tech at MLT, and Carley hopes everyone enjoys and appreciates the show that the cast and crew put so much time into!


Gita Pavuluri

Gita Pavuluri (LIGHT BOARD OPERATOR) is looking forward to working on Legally Blonde. She is a rising senior at Stratford Academy and enjoys working backstage at Macon Little Theatre and Stratford. This is Gita's 5th show at MLT so far. She hopes the audience enjoys Legally Blonde as much as she likes working on the show.


Rahul Pavuluri

Rahul Pavuluri  (FOLLOWSPOT OPERATOR) is extremely enthusiastic about participating in his first MLT show ever! Rahul will be managing the followspot during Legally Blonde. He is a rising sophomore at Stratford Academy, he loves playing in the band and also tennis! Rahul hopes everyone who sees the show really enjoys it because he knows he does.


Chas Pridgen

Chas Pridgen (NIKOS/DEWEY/KIKI/ENSEMBLE) is a 2020 Mercer University graduate they just couldn't get rid of. He currently works at the Grand Opera House downtown as the Director of Patron Services and Rentals. You may recognize him from his various stints in recent Middle Georgia shows, including Something Rotten! at Theatre Macon, the Broadway Does series at the Grand, and Company in Tim's backyard that one time. Chas sincerely thanks you for supporting local artists, both on and off stage, and he hopes you enjoy the show!


Sarah Pyles

Sarah Pyles (KATE) is the daughter of Natalie and Brad Pyles and has two older siblings, Madelyn and Jackson. She is thrilled to be back on stage after a much too long hiatus. You’ll see her tonight as a Delta Nu, featured dancer, and jump rope captain.  Sarah grew up on the MLT, Stratford, and Theatre Macon stages, and she is currently a Biological Sciences Major in the Honors College at the University of Georgia.  Sarah would like to thank Sylvia Haynie, Laura Voss, and Jenny Morris for this amazing opportunity.  After a fun summer of preparation and hard work, she and her fellow cast mates can’t wait for you to share in the energy and excitement that is Legally Blonde.


Reagan Simmons

Reagan Simmons (PILAR/DANCE CAPTAIN) is overjoyed to be back performing on the Macon Little Theatre stage! You’ll see her tonight Pilar and Prison Inmate, but you may have previously seen her on the MLT stage as Maleficent in Disney’s Descendants, or the FPD stage as Belle and Witch in Beauty and the Beast and Into the Woods respectively. She is about to begin her sophomore year at the University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!) where she is studying to earn BA's in both Musical Theatre and English. At UGA she has appeared in many department cabarets and as Paulette in Legally Blonde. When she’s not on stage, Reagan enjoys reading, traveling, and hanging out with her incredible friends and family. She hopes everyone in the audience has as much fun watching the show as the cast does performing it every night


LeVaughn Scott

LeVaughn Scott (TECH CREW) has been in many shows here at MLT but this is his first one working as a part of the crew. LeVaughn is a 16 year old rising Junior at Perry High School in Perry, GA and he enjoys wrestling, playing football, and video games with friends. His family includes his Father Bernard Freeman of Macon, GA and his mother Sheniqua Freeman who presides over the board of MLT as well as 3 dogs. LeVaughn hopes everyone enjoys the show and is excited to add another to his resume!


Armin Sedghi

Armin Sedghi (SUNDEEP PADAMADAN) is thrilled to be in his first musical at MLT along with his mom, Maryam Sedghi. He is a rising sophomore at Stratford Academy and has done shows in the past at his school as well as Theatre Macon. Armin's love of service work led him to become the lieutenant governor of middle Georgia for the Georgia Key Club organization. He loves playing clarinet and spending time with his bearded dragon, Sammy. Armin is so excited to become a part of the MLT family, and he hopes everyone enjoys the show!


Maryam Sedghi

Maryam Sedghi (JET BLUE CAPTAIN/ENSEMBLE) is excited to perform in her very first show with her son, Armin (aka Sundeep Padamadan). Maryam is a family physician and an abstract mixed media artist who has called Macon home for the past 23 years. Maryam's family includes her two children, Armin and Ryan, and her husband, Reza Sedghi. Married to a lawyer; she loves anything related to law and thus adores the story of Legally Blonde.  As a breast cancer survivor, the color pink has a special place in her heart, and she is excited to be spreading the show's message of female empowerment and individualism. She wants to send special thanks to Sylvia Haynie, Laura Voss, and Jenny Morris for the opportunity to become a part of the MLT family and to act in this fun, amazing musical.


Kathence Smith

Käthence Smith (DELTA NU, SABRINA) is so excited and so happy to be a part of MLT’s family! Käthence has been in plenty of shows throughout her time at Georgia Military College and played plenty of roles but this is her first time performing with a community theatre! Käthence has been a one act champion for three years and did all state shows as a soloist and dancer. Her favorite character she has played is between Inga from Young Frankenstein or Anya from Anastasia in her senior year show. Käthence will continue her education at Georgia Southern University where she plans on majoring in nursing. She is sooooo excited to be doing a show with so many amazing people!


Gabrielle Sowell

Gabrielle Sowell (ENID HOOPES) was last seen in Royal Endeavor and is thrilled to be in such a fun show with such an amazingly talented cast. She would like to thank her theatre family and her biological family as well for the endless love and support.


Christopher Steward

Christopher Steward (FRAT BOY/ENSEMBLE) is a recent high school graduate at Howard High school and will attend Georgia State University in the fall. He started his first show here at MLT in Little Shop of Horrors. Legally Blonde is his second show ever, and he says it feels like the “next step” in his performance experience. He loves singing and is an aspiring performer, and is proud to be a member of the Legally Blonde cast.


Grady Taylor

Grady Taylor III (WARNER HUNTINGTON III) is quite excited to be in his very first show at MLT. Although Grady has been in plenty of productions throughout his career at Washington County High School, this is his first community theatre production. Grady’s resume ranges from being a literary state champion for Male solo to being an Opening Number soloist/actor. His most memorable role would have to be Schlomo from FAME. He found his love for theatre because of this production. Grady will be furthering his education at the University of Georgia with a major in Music Performance (Voice) and a minor in mathematics. Lastly,  he would like to thank his family and friends for all of the support that they have given towards his passion. Remember to think pink!


Melody Tyner

Melody Tyner (COURT STENOGRAPHER/ENSEMBLE) is the 17 year old daughter of Dan and Carol Tyner and is about to be a senior at ACE. When she's not doing theatre, Melody participates in concert band, choir, and is the drum major in the ACE marching band. Recently, She has been Diana in Anne of Green Gables and Fairy Godmother in "Descendants" at Macon Little Theatre.  Melody is so thankful to be a part of Legally Blonde and is excited to do more shows in the future!


Tyler Vaughan

Tyler Vaughan (ELLE’S DAD/AARON SCHULTZ) is a 4th year medical student at Mercer University debuting his first show at MLT. He grew up in Ringgold, GA doing theatre at his high school and in his community performing such roles as Pippin in Pippin and Judas/John the Baptist in Godspell. He went to Berry College for undergrad where he discovered his love of science and medicine. There, he also did theatre within the college, performing roles such as Peter in Peter and the Starcatcher and Bolan in Dogfight. He hopes you enjoy the show and thanks everyone for supporting their community arts!


Laura Voss

Laura Voss (MUSIC DIRECTOR) is thrilled to be working with Sylvia Haynie and Jenny Morris again on this fun-packed and exciting summer musical.  She’s also pleased to be working with such a talented cast and loves the energy and sound they bring to this production.  She and her wife, Sylvia have co-owned the Academy of the Performing Arts since 2004 and recently directed Disney’s Descendants, which was the seventeenth summer MLT Kids Camp collaboration with the APA.  Ms. Voss recently retired after being a band director for 39 years and plans to spend more time with her beautiful granddaughter, Lumi.


Nathalie Walker

Nathalie Walker (DELTA NU, MICHELLE)  is new to the theatre but not a stranger stage, with a history of dance and now acting has brought her to the Macon theatre scene. Her first play was of this year in April, Healing a Haunted House : The History of Pleasant Hill, and now is very excited to be a part of the Legally Blonde: The Musical. She currently is working on becoming an entertainer ( Jill of all Trades) for performing arts and making a name for herself. She is a member of Delta Phi Delta Dance Fraternity Inc and used her love of performance not only onstage but to give back to the community as well.


Anna Wangerin

Anna Wangerin (BACKSTAGE FLOOR SUPERVISOR) is excited to be a part of Macon Little theater’s Legally Blonde show. Anna will be helping out with the tech behind the scenes of the show. Anna is currently a rising senior at Stratford Academy. Anna really enjoys being on and off the stage, and this is her fifth show working tech at MLT. She hopes everyone enjoys watching this show and all the hard work put into it!


Abby Wolf

Oh my god you guys! Abby Wolf (BROOKE WYNDHAM & ENSEMBLE) is excited to wrap up the MLT season with Legally Blonde, one of her favorite musicals of all time. You may have seen Abby in one of the 4 1/2 shows she’s starred in this MLT season (Songs for a New World, Clue as Miss Scarlet, Matilda as Mrs. Wormwood, Little Shop of Horrors as Customer #1/Ensemble, & 39 Steps as a fill in for the roles of Annabella, Margaret & Pamela. Abby graduated from UGA in 2019 and plans to attend medical school in the fall of 2023 (what, like it’s hard?). In her free time, she enjoys singing, stargazing, and spending time with her adorable kitties, Wolf “Wolfie” Wolf (Capricorn) & Stormy Wolf (Pisces). Snaps for her mother (Pat Wolf), father (Neil Wolf), siblings (Erin & Romulus Wolf), and boyfriend (Austin Fretwell) for always believing in her. Get ready to be whipped into shape and enjoy the show!


Sukun Zhang

Sukun Zhang (DA ASSISTANT) is excited about performing in her first show ever! She is an international student attending Wesleyan College for graduate school after recently moving to the United States from China. She is currently an MA music student majoring in organ and piano. She hopes to be a part of more shows at MLT in the future!

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Max Jaenz

Maximiliano "Max" Roberto Jaenz (RUFUS)  is a 5 year old corgi mix who lives with the Jaenz family, including Alan who is in the ensemble for Legally Blonde. He's loving the spotlight and the time away from his sisters, 2 pitbulls, and can't wait to put a smile on everyone's faces!

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Sugar Freeman

Sugar Freeman (Bruiser) is a 3 year old rescue chihuahua owned by Sheniqua Freeman, Board of Directors Chair here at MLT and Bernard Freeman Jr. of Macon, GA. She is excited but very nervous to be in her first stage play but she is delighted to share the stage with such wonderful actors and castmates. Huge shoutout to Mrs. Haynie and everyone who made her feel welcomed onstage and she hopes you enjoy the show!

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JP Haynie (Artistic Director MLT)

After more than 550 days between closing night of Steel Magnolias in February of 2020 and opening night of Songs for a New World on August 20th 2021, it gives me great joy to bring live theatre back to our stage.  This time has been an incredible challenge for the arts community, and we could not do it without your support and patronage.  We at MLT are incredibly proud of the effort and talent that goes into our productions, and this marks a brand new start for our theatre.  If you enjoy the show, please consider returning for future productions, supporting the theatre as a donor, or even becoming a season subscriber to receive additional benefits.


Playbill PDF

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